Get an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

If you leased or ordered and electric car after 1st October 2016, you may be eligible to apply for a grant

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  • OZEV approved

    We are OZEV approved and can help make sure your grant application is successful.

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    Choice of charge point manufacturers, because we are approved.

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Apply for a grant yourself

OZEV £350 (Home Charge) Grant Application Form

Am I eligible?

  • You have private or designated off-street parking.
  • Your car was purchased after April 2015.
  • You have not made a previous grant-claim for your vehicle.
  • You will not be exceeding the two OZEV grant-funded chargepoints (per-vehicle-per-home).

How do I apply?

  1. Download OLEV EVHS - Annex D: Part A - Application Form
  2. Complete section A and sign
  3. In section 2 (4th page) tick and provide evidence:
    1. For privately registered car: tick "I am the registered keeper / I have ordered the vehicle" and provide copy of either; V5C, Order Confirmation or Other Proof Of Purchase.
    2. For privately leased car: tick "I am leasing or have a finance agreement for this vehicle" and provide a copy of any of the contract documents listed.
    3. In section 4 ensure to tick "I am the registered keeper, lessee or the nominated user of this eligible electric vehicle or have the vehicle on order" (and any other relevant item)
  4. Email over the completed form to us at:

Company Cars

  1. Download Annex i - Company Car Letterhead
  2. Complete and sign
    • must be signed by a senior company representative or lease/fleet manager.
    • attached documents must refer to the primary user’s name, address and vehicle make and model.
  3. Email over the completed form to us at:

Work charging grant application form

OZEV WCS (workcharge) Grant

We can get you £250 off per socket (up to 40 sockets) – which is £14,000 off the supply and installation of workplace chargers - when you redeemed a voucher code and allow us (as OLEV WCS-Approved Service provider) to reduce the overall cost.

Apply Online For OZEV WCS Grant